Our Tow Vehicle

Meet Brutus!! Our 3500 RAM dually, standard transmission, diesel truck. We spent hours (and by we, I mean Jeremy) researching all the features and options available for multiple different truck brands. Ultimately we feel we ordered the perfect tow vehicle for whatever full-time 5th wheel RV we end up with.

If you’re interested, Jeremy did a video covering what we feel are our must have features and options that Brutus has! Check it out!

Ordering Brutus was a breeze…. Taking possession of him was another story… check out our video of our crazy adventure getting Brutus!!

Our Family’s Full-time 5th Wheel RV

As you will notice from our YouTube channel and blog posts, we do not yet have the 5th wheel RV that our family is going to be living in full-time. However, with that said we have a pretty good idea of what we intend to get!

If you have been following our adventures you know that our initial plan was to get the Grand Design Solitude 3740 BH-R.

As much as we still love this floorplan, we realize that there just simply is not enough storage room for all the outdoor toys that we love. Unwilling to compromise or let go of any of these toys, we were forced back to the drawing board (or more literally good old Google).

Since we had originally picked the brand Grand Design for many reasons including superior construction, and customer service, we started looking into the Grand Design toy hauler line Momentum.

Our local Grand Design RV dealer FINALLY got a 398M on their lot!! And we have fallen in love with its massive garage space (Hello, can you say 2 sets of hapi jacks??)  It is just as perfect as we expected it to be!

We are so excited and can’t wait to order one! In the video below we share all the modifications we plan to make once we get it!

We are waiting to order/purchase our RV for financial reasons and will update this page as soon as we are able to make any progress in this area.