Join the JK Adventure Crew!

Why Join the JK Adventure Crew?

If you are here you probably have already gotten to know us through our YouTube channel or read something on our blog!

One of our favorite parts about sharing our adventures with you, is hearing your stories and getting to know our followers. Because the JK Adventure Crew is a small community, we are able to get to know YOU better and experience YOUR adventures too!

Setting up the JK Adventure Crew is something new for us that is still a work in progress… We however wanted to put something in place for those who are truly interested being part of our closer community!

1) You’re pledge will only apply to four(4) videos per month – no matter how many videos we post.
2) And if you’re new to Patreon, you need to create an account first and pledge second.We’ve heard that people have had problems trying to set up a pledge without an account first.