How on earth do you expect to be able to afford to travel full-time???

This is the #1 question our followers generally have. Of course this is a natural question and one we ourselves had for those already living out this lifestyle of location independence when we first started on this adventure.

Before I jump right in and answer this question… Let me give you a little background of where we started…

When we decided we wanted to travel full-time with our boys, Jeremy was working in the automotive industry as a master technician. While this job allowed us to pay our bills monthly it was definitely NOT a location independent job! As we talked more and more about this “Dream” we realized that Jeremy was going to have to change careers if we were ever going to acquire the ability to be location independent.

Making this change initially did not seem as difficult as it would eventually turn out to be… it wasn’t until we were about 5 months into our initial 6 month deadline (can you say “in denial”) that we realized Jeremy was going to have to go back to school in order to get a legitimate job that would allow him to work remotely and fully support our growing family.

We are aware that there are jobs out there that do not require a specific degree in order to work from home. Jeremy has been hired on at the college he is attending full-time and that pays out what our family of 6, needs in order to be location independent.

Soo… How on earth DO we expect to be able to afford to travel full-time???

The simplest of answers is: this is still a work in progress for us. As of right now, we have multiple streams of income… and are constantly open to new income streams! Right now our location independent income streams are:

Jeremy’s Remote Access Internet Job

If you have followed our adventures for any amount of time you already know we are not yet on the road at this time. Jeremy is currently attending an online college to earn a degree in cyber security. Jeremy has recently started a NEW JOB!! The best part is his new job IS location independent!! We are extremely excited now that this piece of our puzzle has been figured out! This job covers all of our bills completely.

We are Amazon Affiliates

You yourself may already have contributed to our monthly income just by following along on our adventures and having an interest in the products we use. By being an Amazon Affiliate, we are able to receive a commission off of any sales made from the product links we use in our YouTube video descriptions and here on our Website without costing any of our followers a dime! Using our Amazon Affiliate links is a great way to help support our family and allow us to keep providing content! We use this income to further our channel and create more and better content for you!!

Support from our JK Adventure Crew

Being a member of the JK Adventure Crew is one way that our followers can support our family. If you are new to our YouTube channel or our Blog and are interested in learning more about joining our Crew Click HERE!

We will do our best to keep this section as updated as possible so feel free to check back here at anytime to see how this is coming along!