10 Years! And Many More To Come!

10 Years?!? How has it been 10 years since we said our vows outside that little church in Lakewood? It is true what they say “The days are long, but the years are short!” Time has sure flown by!

Happy New Year From J&K Full-Time Adventures

To be honest we are not ones for writing or sending the traditional Christmas card… When we first got married we had good intentions, but the letter Kelli wrote, printed out and even addressed… Never made it into the mailbox!

What Christmas Traditions Will We Be Able To Keep??

It seems that the holidays are a bit of a hot topic with the full-time traveling crowd. The reality is that for most, holidays just don’t look the same when living in a tiny space on the move!! For some families this presents a problem. Others, they thrive on that change in traditions!!

Family Bike Setup of Almost 6

To say kids grow fast is an understatement! I don’t know about your kids, but our boys grow out of clothes faster than we can buy them it seems! Just like you have to be prepared to get a size up in jeans every season, you have to be ready to switch out your current family bike setup whenever your kids outgrow your current configuration!!

RV Bound Update, Where Are We Now?

7 months ago I remember thinking… 6 months… sure we can do that!! Hahahaha yeah, how little we knew!

The Hunt For The Perfect Momentum Toy Hauler Starts

If you have been following our adventures you know that our initial plan was to get the Grand Design Solitude 3740 BH-R. (We actually almost ordered one!)

Surprise!!! We Moved To Colorado!!!

It has been a CRAZY couple of weeks for these J&K Adventurers!! If you’re new to our adventures, our move to Colorado was definitely not in our original plan!!

Final Downsizing…. Maybe…

Everyone who is considering making the move to an RV knows that downsizing is a BIG part of the process. Over the past few weeks we have been working hard to get a jump start on downsizing!

Have We Found Our Full-time RV Rig?

Long before we made the official decision to go full-time RVing we had been looking at RV’s. This lifestyle has been one we have dreamt about for some time now.

An Adventure Begins… We Are RV Bound!!

When I really think about it, this adventure started a few years ago…. the first time we watched an HGTV or DIY show on picking out the perfect RV.