23Zero Tents Make All This Possible!

We started this full-time travel lifestyle with a ground tent… we wanted to test the waters and see if we even liked traveling full-time lifestyle; we realized pretty quickly we loved the lifestyle but not so much the tent….

Adjusting to life with 4 boys – Family of 6

People always seem to be amazed when they see/hear that we have 4 boys! And everyone wants to know how we are adjusting to life with yet another boy.

How Jeremy’s Remote Job is Working Out?

For those of you who have been following along, you know that Jeremy recently started a new remote job. But is it the right remote job for us?

Getting Mail on the Road… Texas Homebase Review

One of the many things every full-time traveler needs to have figured out before they hit the road, is where all their mail will be sent. For many, this is also the addressed that will be used to establish what their “domicile” state will be.

Our Momentum 398M Modification Plans

Our local Grand Design dealership FINALLY got a Momentum 398M Toy Hauler on their lot!! We took the boys with us and did a quick video walk through of the rig this past weekend to share what modification plans we have!! We are getting so excited now that we have picked the right rig for our family!

Lets Talk 5th Wheel Hitches

Selecting the correct 5th wheel hitch for towing is of vital importance. It is what will be attaching our home with all our belongings to Brutus. There are many options that accommodate long and short bed vehicles.

Our Mobile Internet Solution

Just because you want to RV, does not mean you have to do so without internet. Although, it would be freeing! For our situation, Jeremy’s job requires him to have a good stable internet connection with bonding and fail-over. Because of this we have created a very unique internet solution that we are almost done implementing!!

What Christmas Traditions Will We Be Able To Keep??

It seems that the holidays are a bit of a hot topic with the full-time traveling crowd. The reality is that for most, holidays just don’t look the same when living in a tiny space on the move!! For some families this presents a problem. Others, they thrive on that change in traditions!!

RV Bound Update, Where Are We Now?

7 months ago I remember thinking… 6 months… sure we can do that!! Hahahaha yeah, how little we knew!

The Hunt For The Perfect Momentum Toy Hauler Starts

If you have been following our adventures you know that our initial plan was to get the Grand Design Solitude 3740 BH-R. (We actually almost ordered one!)