Desktop Editing Monster

When we started our YouTube channel we were editing all our videos on our gaming laptop. It has worked really well for us over the past almost 2 years. But even from the beginning we really wanted to have an editing desktop monster. One that would allow us to spend less time editing and rendering. Which in turn, gives us more time adventuring, and just being present, with our family of 6.

Enter the Desktop Editing Monster

Over the past few months Jeremy has been building us an absolute beast of a machine we have dubbed the “Desktop Editing Monster” that has yet to be challenged! It will render down our 1080p video in less than 5 minutes, our 4k footage videos in less than 10 and our 8k footage videos in less than 30 minutes.

He built this desktop to be used a few different ways. I, of course, can edit on it and it is buttery smooth. Or I can edit on the laptop and send the files over to the queue for this machine to render… 1 after another. More production and rendering speed for sure!

It all had to start with a case that needed to be large enough for all of the hardware. And of course it had to have great airflow. We found the Thermaltake desktop case and the rest of the hardware was hand-picked to fit the case… but just barely!

Because we travel in an RV full-time, we choose to use SSD drives to house all of our data. 20 of the SanDISK 2TB SSDs house all of our original footage, while the 2 on-board Samsung 970 Pro M.2 NVMe 1TB SSDs run our operating system and programs. You can see our full build sheet and each of the hardware choices we made here on our website gear page.

Feel free to comment and ask questions, we are more than willing to help out!

We are on to the next adventure!!


Trek: The BEST Kids Bike!

We LOVE our boys Trek bikes, we absolutely believe they are the best kids bike!! As much as we ride it is extremely important to us that our boys have quality bikes. Ones they are able to fit on and most importantly control.

Adjusting to life with 4 boys – Family of 6

People always seem to be amazed when they see/hear that we have 4 boys! And everyone wants to know how we are adjusting to life with yet another boy.

How Jeremy’s Remote Job is Working Out?

For those of you who have been following along, you know that Jeremy recently started a new remote job. But is it the right remote job for us?

Homeschool mid-year update

Homeschool- Mid year Update

I have been wanting to put this homeschool update out for a few weeks. But it has taken me some time to put my thoughts together. I want to be honest with ya’ll and not pretend that everything is always been perfect for us in our pursuit of education with our boys.

Internal Mobile Internet Setup – Part 3 of 3

We chose the ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 for our wireless router since it has 3 distinct channels for wireless. This is essential for our mobile internet setup. We need to be able to have not only high speed, but also separation between each of our networks.

DIGI vs. Cradlepoint For Mobile Internet Solution

As promised last week, we will be talking this week about the 2 internet devices that we have been testing; The Cradlepoint LTE modem and the DIGI transport LTE modem.

New and Improved Mobile Internet Setup Part 1 of 3

Just because you want to go RVing or traveling, does not mean you have to do so without internet. Although, it would be freeing! For our situation, Jeremy’s job requires him to have a good stable internet connection that we have setup with bonding and fail-over.

How We Do Data, Photos and Documents Backups

Whether you travel full-time or not, backing up your data is extremely important for anyone who uses a computer and doesn’t want to lose their data. For us, since we shoot videos, take photos, and run a YouTube Channel, we have TONS of original data that we cannot replace.

New Things Coming…

We are SOO ready for this season of life to be OVER! It seems like there is a lot of changes that are right around the corner for us!