New Season, New Style, New Adventures!

We are so excited for this new season and the new adventures it is going to take us on! But first, for those that are new around here (and there is a lot of you), let me catch you up real quick… Before we started this journey Jeremy was working 16-18 hour workdays. Around the time we got pregnant with our 3rd boy, we began to realize just how much he was missing out on. It also didn’t help that the company he worked for was moving us across the country every 3-6 months (so Jeremy could help yet another shop come up to speed).

We initially considered moving into an RV so that we wouldn’t have to pack up and move to a new house or apartment each time… This quickly transitioned into wanting to find a way to make money remotely or even if possible; create passive income. This way we could make our own schedule and allow Jeremy the opportunity to be home with us AND get to travel. Something we both really wanted to be able to do more of!

Down the rabbit hole we went, we got lost and overwhelmed! So many options where everyone says you “have to do it this way to be successful”. We had to sort through each thing we found piece by piece to figure out first if it was legitimate; and second if we actually even wanted to do it. That last sentence might sound weird, but it is true. Remote jobs are no different than in-person jobs in this respect. While you can make money doing so many different things; most of those things are probably not in your wheelhouse or are something you don’t really want to do. 

During our search, we found many MLMs that influencers on social media were doing and doing well. We just never felt like that was a good solution for us. Kelli had tried a few different MLM options in the past but never found much success in any of those endeavors. We also wanted to find something that would be more reliable and consistent. There were also many “get rich quick” scams running around social media that popped up in our search. This made it hard to know what was really a practical solution to our problem.

After months of getting lost down said rabbit hole; We decided our best solution was to invest in us and have Jeremy go back to school for information system securities and network administration. This was a hard choice. We wanted a fast solution and this was not one. It was however a sacrifice we were willing to make to ensure a long-term solution. One that has allowed us the freedom to travel as we have been these past 3 years!

When we first started out we needed to have a remote job to keep up with the bills. We did have this blog, our social media, and our YouTube channel at that time, but kept them as a side project. Something we did, but never got too serious about. This kept our growth on those platforms slow. We have recently reached 1,000 YouTube Subscribers after almost 3 years!! This has made us recognize that we need to go all-in if we were going to see the growth we hope for. 

Well, if you want to make something work, you have to be all in. Act like it is the only option. We were surprised at the number of companies that we reached out to actually wanted to be a part of our family adventures! We are thankful to have made some good partnerships with some of those companies along the way and look forward to forming more as we go. This has allowed us to add more streams of income through our affiliate links with these companies. 

We have realized if we ever want to make this social media/influencer thing work well enough to generate a decent income, we need to treat it as a job… Soo; now is the time, let’s give this a go, and let’s see what happens! Thanks for following along on this adventure with us!! If you are looking for a way to help support us, interacting with and sharing our blog posts, YouTube videos and Instagram content helps SO much!  

We use affiliate links from companies that stand with us and have GOOD business practices! Thanks for clicking them and helping us continue these new adventures!

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