Trek: The BEST Kids Bikes!

We LOVE our boys Trek bikes, we absolutely believe they are the best kids bike!! As much as we ride it is extremely important to us that our boys have quality bikes. Ones they are able to fit on and most importantly control.

Amazon bike was a flop…

We purchased our first kids pedal bike from Amazon a few years ago for Joshua. We hated it from day one. The frame shape was terrible for teaching a child to balance. The pedals were in the wrong place and had such a short crank that Joshua’s knees were in his chest from the beginning. After that experience we spent a LOT of time researching kids bikes. We wanted to be sure the future bikes we got for our boys would not only be a good fit, but also good quality!

Trek has an awesome frame shape…

The BIGGEST selling feature to us for Trek is the shape of the top bar. Trek’s top bar curves down, allowing the rider to reach the ground MUCH easier and sooner! We loved the fact that we could get our boys a bigger bike that they would fit on for longer. You guys know how often we ride… Like you, we can’t afford to be buying a new bike for each boy almost every season. We also needed the bike to be of good enough quality that it could be handed down through 4 boys, even with heavy use!

What bikes are our boys riding?

Now keep in mind, our oldest is 7 years old and currently able to fit on the Trek Roscoe 24″ bike.  Joshua went strait from his Amazon “flop” 16″ bike to this new bike. It took him less then a day to get used to the bigger bike frame and is now riding with confidence.

After the success of this purchase we decided to stick with the Trek brand and purchased our 4 year old his Trek PreCaliber 20″ bike.

So impressed we are looking for another Trek…

We love our older boys bikes so much. We are now looking at their 16 inch PreCaliber bike for Jonathan. And possibly their version of the balance bike the Kickster for when Jefferson is ready for one. If you are looking for a bike for you kids, feel free to ask away… we have done LOTS of research and are more than willing to answer any questions you may have.

Good luck on your bike search. We are onto the next adventure!

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