Adjusting to life with 4 boys – Family of 6

We were so excited when we found out we were pregnant and about to be a family of 6. We were even more excited when we found out the new baby was going to be another BOY (If you missed the post check it out HERE)! People always seem to be amazed when they see/hear that we have 4 boys! And everyone wants to know how we are adjusting to life with yet another boy.

The truth is it hasn’t been that big of a transition. We were already out numbered haha. But in all seriousness… we love it!

Getting out of the house as a family of 6 …

Of course it does take a little longer… Another set shoes to put on, another coat to put on and zip, another seat belt to buckle. We are already used to having to give ourselves extra time when heading out the door so that hasn’t been a big adjustment.

Nap-time as a family of 6…

Nap-time has been more of a challenge ever since we had our second baby. But it really hasn’t been much of a transition from 3-4. Boys are loud… In an effort to train our boys to be able to sleep even through the noise we have always made a point not to be quite during nap-times. We honestly believe this has been helpful!

How about bike rides as a family of 6…

We have only been able to go bike riding the two times since he was born so I can’t comment much on how that will affect our rides. But I will say that I am extremely excited to see how much he likes the WeeHoo iGo2

Babies are always an adjustment…

Most of the adjustment really comes from having a newborn around rather then adding another human to the bunch. Having a baby in the house is always an adjustment since they demand so much attention and cause lack of sleep. Having Jefferson has been a welcome change in the sea of hard stuff we have been going through this past year! We have all really enjoyed getting to see his personality start to shine! Jefferson has already started walking at 8 months old!! He is constantly getting up and toddling after his brothers, already trying to keep up with them!

Will we be having any more kids?

Jefferson is our last planned baby. As he has grown and started to grow out of things it has been pretty emotional for me(Kelli).  Getting rid of the clothing we have held onto since Joshua was a baby is sad. Knowing that I wont see any other baby’s wearing some of my favorite outfits. It is good to remind myself that all of it is just stuff. The memories we have gained through the years are by far more important then the bins of clothing we have been able to pass onto other families! This mindset is exactly why we have been working so hard to realize our dream of RVing full-time!

What do you think it would be like to live with 4 little boys?!?!? Let us know in the comments below!

We are onto the next adventure!

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