How Jeremy’s Remote Job is Working Out?

We knew that to truly be able to live full-time in an RV and have the freedom to be anywhere and do anything at anytime, we needed a remote job that fully covered all of our bills. We realized there was actually way more to it than that when we first started looking into obtaining remote work. Finding the right remote job is important.

So what is the right remote job? Do you need a flexible schedule or a set schedule? Do you need an internet connection/do you have a mobile internet connection that will work? Making sure that the job has a flexible schedule, or a set schedule that works well into your daily life can be a bit more taxing to find! For those of you who have been following along, you know that Jeremy recently started a new remote job. But is it the right remote job for us?

After almost 2 years of looking…

Jeremy has finally gotten the right remote job he enjoys. This job allows him to work the schedule we need so that it works well with our schedule and adventure plans. He currently works for a college and loves what he does! Originally he started out with a flexible schedule.

It’s taking some getting used to…

This was a little bit of a hard adjustment for our family to get used to. We were able to make it work however through some trial and error. After a few weeks we found that having our boys doing schoolwork while he works, works well since they are focused and not just racing around being normal boys. We did find the need for the boys to have headphones for their machines and Jeremy found a great pair of noise canceling headphones with a noise canceling microphone as well. So noise is not really an issue anymore!!

Jeremy’s schedule has since moved to a set schedule and this works much better for us. His new set schedule will allow us to have plenty of time this spring to go do new adventures everyday!

Yes we DO need an internet connection…

As the last couple of posts detailed… we have an awesome mobile internet setup! Start HERE if you missed it!

We would love to hear about your search for remote income! What is working for you? What are your struggles?

We are onto the next adventure!

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