Internal Mobile Internet Setup – Part 3 of 3

This post is about our internal mobile internet setup using our tri-band ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 router. If you missed the last couple of blog posts New and Improved Mobile Internet Setup Part 1DIGI vs. Cradlepoint For Mobile Internet Solution we talk about our incoming streams of internet and how we bond them together.

We chose the ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 for our wireless router since it has 3 distinct channels for wireless. This is essential for our mobile internet setup. We need to be able to have not only high speed, but also separation between each of our networks. This router being a tri-band router allows us to use just a single router instead of having to setup, configure, and maintain a second wireless router as well.

Our 2.4GHz channel

This is for our IoT (Internet of Things) devices like the smart plugs, assistants (Google or Amazon) baby monitors, cameras, etc. This keeps all of these devices on one channel and separated from our personal devices we use for high speed things.

Our 1st 5GHz channel

This is for all of our personal devices like laptops, desktops, tablets, phones, and smart TVs. This removes interference and allows us to not have any buffering while streaming on multiple devices at the same time.

Our 2nd 5GHz channel

This is used for Jeremy’s work machines and devices. We are able to fully disconnect that channel from our personal network. We are even able to make it so Jeremy’s work devices can not see the other devices on the same channel!

With all of the separation, we are able to easily do whatever we want or need to be doing. Whether it is school for the boys and Jeremy, or Jeremy working and the rest of us streaming content.

This is our Mobile Internet Setup and it works for our needs. What do you use for your needs?

We are onto the next adventure.

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