DIGI or Cradlepoint For Mobile Internet Solutions?

As promised last week, we will be talking this week about the 2 internet devices that we have been testing; The Cradlepoint LTE modem and the DIGI transport LTE modem. We did get these 2 devices for free to test in our unique internet solution, but if they do not perform or are not what we need them to be, they will not make it into our final internet solution. Each of these devices have their own strengths and weaknesses.

If you missed last weeks post about our New and Improved Mobile Internet Set-up we talk about all of the internet sources we have available to us and the devices we use to pull those sources in and bond them together. So if that is something your looking for head on back to that post HERE.

The DIGI for me has a few big things going for it.

The dual sim cards. However they are for redundancy and not bonding or even load balancing. So good points for the dual sim cards but none for the single use mode It is compact and works great as it is a commercial grade device and works well. 

The Cradlepoint LTE modem is a commercial grade workhorse.

It is used by and relied on for constant connection by most first responders, digital IoT devices, ATM’s, etc. I enjoy this device for the ease of use, the reliability, but this one only holds a single sim card. It is smaller than the DIGI and works great as well. This is a great all-in-one solution for any traveler. 

Not Quite What We Are Looking For

At this time neither of these devices have the functionality that would be ideal for us. We have been working to get our hands on a different cradlepoint LTE router that has dual LTE modems with dual sim card spots for each of those LTE modems (4 total sim cards, 2 LTE modems) that should be able to be setup for bonding, load balancing, or redundancy. So if that router works out and does what it claims to do, then it will more than likely become a permanent part of our final internet solution! 

If you have any questions please drop a comment here for us! Jeremy will do his best to answer them! Hope this helps you with your mobile internet setup! We are onto the next adventure!

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