How We Do Data, Photos and Documents Backups

Whether you travel full-time or not, backing up your data is extremely important for anyone who uses a computer and doesn’t want to lose their data. For us, since we shoot videos, take photos, and run a YouTube Channel, we have TONS of original data that we cannot replace. Since we DO travel full-time we knew we needed both an on-site as well as an off-site backup solution. Just in case something were to happen to our RV or someone managed to take our hardware.

Our on-site backups:

We have 2 different on-site backups. These backups consist of a few external USB3.0 rugged hard drives and a RAID of internal SSDs inside our desktop editing monster machine.

Our off-site backups:

For our off-site backups we have a compact solution that Jeremy built out of a Raspberry Pi 4 and this –> external USB3.0 case with a NAS HDD inside. We have 2 identical setups of the off-site devices, each at a different family member’s house. This allows us to not only have redundancy for backups, but also is setup in case on family member is experiencing a power outage. This way we will still have access to the other off-site backup if we need it.

Initial setup and maintenance of off-site backups:

To save on massive data usage while on the road, we created the original backup on the NAS drives. Then when we were passing through to visit those family members homes, we dropped them off at the final site. This saved us from having the data usage of a huge initial backup. Now that they are set-up we are able to maintain the backup with incremental backups. An incremental backup looks at the most recent backup and the current data and only updates the backup with the new data we have added since the last backup. This way the new backup will now match our current data. This saves time and money.

Cloud backups:

For personal backups of regular documents and photos we use our on-site, and off-site solutions mentioned above as well as a variety of cloud backup solutions. For our cloud backups we use Google, OneDrive, Amazon, and DropBox. We love the cloud backups as they are automatic and sync across all of our devices seamlessly. We are unable to use these for our video footage for our YouTube channel since it compacts the file size and effects video quality.

It doesn’t matter if you are traveling full-time like us or not, having a backup solution for your data is extremely important. The hardware you can replace, the memories you cannot. If you have any questions we would love to hear from you! Also over the next few weeks we will be sharing about our Unlimited Mobile Internet Setup so if you are interested in checking that out CLICK HERE.

We are onto the next adventure.

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