New and Improved Mobile Internet Setup Part 1 of 3

Just because you want to go RVing or traveling, does not mean you have to do so without internet. Although, it would be freeing! For our situation, Jeremy’s job requires him to have a good stable internet connection that we have setup with bonding and fail-over.

How We Do Data, Photos and Documents Backups

Whether you travel full-time or not, backing up your data is extremely important for anyone who uses a computer and doesn’t want to lose their data. For us, since we shoot videos, take photos, and run a YouTube Channel, we have TONS of original data that we cannot replace.

New Things Coming…

We are SOO ready for this season of life to be OVER! It seems like there is a lot of changes that are right around the corner for us!

Happy New Year J&K Crew

If you were around last year you know we are not ones for writing or sending the traditional Christmas cards… Its nice now that we have a YouTube channel we get to make a “Christmas card video” instead.