Lets Talk RV Travel Style & Truck Upgrade Plans

We have had Brutus for one year! It seems impossible that it has been that long already! Last weeks post is all about how Brutus has been this past year if you missed it and wanted to get caught up CLICK HERE… This post we wanted to talk a little about the RV travel style we plan to have and the upgrades we still have planned for Brutus.

So What Is Our RV Travel Style Plan?

Honestly we plan to be really slow paced. Our plans are to “Hub and Spoke.”  In other words we plan to find a location, to setup and hang out for at least 2-4 weeks or more. While in this location or our “Hub” we plan to check out all the bike trails and other things to see/do within a reasonable radius… like the spokes of a bike wheel. We have no plans to be destination RVers… For us this is a style of life, in other words we are not doing this just to travel around… Of course that is a bonus and something we plan to take advantage of. But for us traveling to see EVERYTHING is not the motivation for choosing to live full-time in an RV. We want the ability to have whatever “backyard” we want. And the motivation to get outside more is definitely a big incentive!

Upgrades for Brutus

So some of the upgrades we still want to do to Brutus are:

  • Tinting the Windows – This is a simple upgrade that really makes a difference in comfort while driving for long times… It affects the temperature inside the cab, and helps keep the sun out of your eyes. Something that is good for both the driver and the passengers (especially the sleeping kiddo kind).
  • Retractable Side Steps – You may have noticed… Brutus is TALL… and Kelli is short. Getting in and out of the truck is a bit of a climb. Having a step the comes out when you need it will be really nice!
  • Titan XL Replacement Tank & Toolbox Aux Fuel Tank – So both of these are to increase our drive range. The goal is to reduce the chance of having to fill up with the RV hooked up. Another benefit of having a bigger tank is not being slave to fuel prices. We will be able to fill up less often and can choose to fill up when we find fuel at a better price. We do also plan to make the trip up to Alaska at some point and having extra range for that trip will be helpful!

We would love to hear about your must have truck upgrades and how you travel!! Let us know in the comments below or shoot us an email!

We are onto the next adventure.

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