Halloween Week and Updates all Around!

We have  had a busy Halloween this year! Got to hit the high schools trick-or-treat street event last week! This week we were able to attend the “trunk or treat” our church hosted this year. It ended up getting moved inside due to the weather and all the extra snow we have been getting. But it was a LOT of fun…

Unfortunately almost simultaneously EVERYONE got the stomach bug! It has been a vicious round of one person gets it, then the next and passing it back to the first ones. Needless to say it has been miserable and exhausting for everyone!

This week Jeremy had his first doctors visit in MONTHS! If you have been following along on our adventures you know that Jeremy injured his back at work at the end of 2018. The workman’s comp insurance company has been basically ignoring it and trying to make it go away! So this was the appointment that we have been fighting to get and hopefully will finally be able to start moving forward from this point. We are REALLY hoping this is a turning point! Of course we will update y’all again as soon as we are able to!

Jefferson is now about 4 months old now! Seriously how did that happen? He is growing like a weed and everyone is in love with him! He is starting to scoot around and has already out-grown his infant car seat. So we have moved him up to the rear-facing convertible seat. He loves having his brothers around and they love being around him even more if that is possible!

Hope you are having a wonderful Halloween and if your in this area, keeping warm!

We are onto the next adventure!

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