Ski’s, Snow and Trick or Treating!

This week has been a busy one!  It started off with Jefferson having his 4 month old checkup… including his immunization shots! Thankfully he did much better this time around then he did with his first round of shots! We are thankful to absolutely love our pediatrician here. Something we can not say about all of the places we have lived! Its hard to believe how fast 4 months has passed!

Who’s ready for ski season?

It’s no surprise that we LOVE the winter! Something we love about living in Colorado while working towards our goal of full-time RV travel, is getting to enjoying the SNOW here! Having grown up here in Colorado, I refuse to call the wet slush and black ice we would get in Tennessee and North Carolina snow. It is wonderful to be somewhere winter actually feels like winter!

Due to Jeremy’s back injury and my pregnancy last winter we did not get to do some of the winter activities that we normally enjoy. Unfortunately Jeremy’s back is not doing any better as of right now. That situation is still an ongoing pursuit for healing! As for me, with Jefferson being so young and not taking bottles. It would be difficult for me be able to take full advantage of a season pass. So, unfortunately it does not look like the adults in our family will get to take advantage of the ski slopes again this year! BUT, our big boy’s will!

Our boys are SOOO lucky that their Grandmom is a ski instructor at Copper Mountain. Last year she signed Joshua up for the Scooters program at Copper, 3 ski lessons – 3 weekends in a row. We had discussed doing lessons for Jackson as well. However, while at the ski rental shop last year he refused to even try on the boots. He was adamant that he would NOT be skiing! I am so happy to say this year both Joshua and Jackson are signed up for lessons!

Joshua’s lessons went really well last year and he has been extremely excited to get to go again this year! An excitement that has rubbed off onto his younger brothers (the two middles). Jackson has decided that he does not want to miss out this year! We know that he still has reservations and is still not completely sure about it, but we are proud of him for being willing to take a chance!

Jonathan surprised us all at the ski shop by being extremely eager to try ski’s as well! Chelsea, our wonderful sales lady, brought out a pair of ski boots for Jonathan to try on while his brothers were getting their boots! As soon as he put them on he was up and walking around! So excited to have boots of his own! Of course she then brought out ski’s for him to play with.

In the end we decided to go ahead and get him ski’s for the season as well! We wont be putting him in any formal lessons, but if the predictions for snow for this year are correct he will have plenty of chances to play around on them in the back yard. We also plan to get him on the “bunny hill” at Copper while his brothers are in their lessons! So stay tuned for that!!

Dressing up for Halloween

I spent most of my free time the beginning of this week working on our families Halloween costumes! Something I really enjoy doing! I have always been crafty and love getting the boys involved in picking out the theme for our family each year! Previous years we have done the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters (my personal favorite so far), Paw Patrol characters, and last year we did Old McDonald Has a Farm, with Jeremy being Old McDonald and the rest of us dressed as different farm animals. (I hope they always want to dress up as a family)

This year we settled on “The 3 Little Pig’s and the Big Bad Wolf” for the boys, and for the adults, I am “Little Red Riding Hood”, Jeremy is the “Huntsman” and my mom is “Grandma!” So far we have taken the boys to a local high school’s “Trick or Treat Street” event they put on each year. We have plans to hit one other high school and our churches “Trunk or Treat” later this week/next week. Depending on the snow storm headed our way, we may or may not be able to do those!


We got the second snow of the year this week! I was NOT prepared for the first snow! The new winter coat and boots we had ordered for Joshua didn’t get here before too much snow had melted on our sledding hill! SO we were all excited that there was enough snow to go sledding this time, and that we had Joshua’s new snow gear! Sledding is always a hit with our boys! I look forward to many more snow days this year!!

We are onto the next adventure!

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