Finally Back on The Bike Trains!

Ya’ll we can’t even begin to tell you how much we have missed riding our bikes! The time that we share while riding bikes as a family is priceless to us! It had been far too long since we had ridden. Both Jeremy and I were shocked at how out of shape we had both gotten. It was amazing how quickly we were winded. BUT our first bike trains trip as a family of 6 is in the books!

Our ride wasn’t anything spectacular, we just went to the neighborhood park down the road. They have a nice little short loop that we rode around! The short path was the perfect length for jumping back in the saddle!

Jefferson did amazing and pretty much slept the entire time!

Joshua was on his own bike again for this trip and continues to amaze me! I personally did not start riding an individual bike till I was much older and NEVER considered riding a bike recreationally until I met Jeremy (In truth I didn’t like it much)! So Joshua’s love of bike riding is really impressive to me!

We believe we have finally decided on the mountain bike we are getting Joshua! It was rather evident after this ride that he had absolutely outgrown his little green bike “Ralph”! So keep your eye out for that announcement! (Joshua is so exited to share what he is getting with you all!)

Excited for the potential the rest of this season holds! We are onto the next adventure!

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