We May Be Taking A Break…

Hello fellow adventurers! Thanks for taking the time to visit our blog and check in on us! We wanted to take some time to share a few updates!

Bike Trains Update

Currently we are looking for a larger bike for our oldest (7 year old).  And look forward to getting back out with our bike trains after adventurer #6 gets here!

Jeremy‘s Back Injury/Workman’s Comp Situation

We still don’t have any answers about Jeremy’s back injury. Unfortunately since it is a workman’s comp claim we are having to jump through A LOT of hoops trying to get them to take responsibility and provide the rehab that he needs in order to work towards recovery… This has been an extremely stressful and frustrating process… From the looks of things it will be a while before we start to see any progress. If you are the praying type we definitely would appreciate them!

Kelli’s Pregnancy

Kelli is starting to get more and more uncomfortable with this pregnancy… 3rd trimester especially is always hard and she is struggling with keeping up physically. For this reason we have been considering taking a break from YouTube, Our Blog and other Social Media pages. We are working to be very intentional about family time purring this transition. Taking a break will allow us to spend the next few months preparing for and adjusting to bringing home our 4th baby boy! So if we suddenly disappear following this post, that is why!

Stay Tuned

So in case this is my last post for awhile… Stay tuned, we will be back!!

We are onto the next adventure…

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