Bike Trains… Where Have They Been??

We have been asked recently by a few followers where the bike train videos have been. Yes, it is true we have not made a bike train video recently… SO we decided to share 3 of our reasons for taking a break from the bike trains.

#1 We Live In Colorado

This winter we have had A LOT of snow where we are in Colorado!! We have been enjoying the snow as much as possible, but this does mean that bike riding with little people is not as easy. While this alone would probably not stop us from taking the bike trains out, it is not our only reason… That brings me to reason #2.

#2 Kelli Is 8 Months Pregnant

For whatever reason pregnancy has been harder on Kelli’s body during each subsequent pregnancy. This one Kelli has been slowing down much earlier than she did with her previous pregnancies. This makes most outdoor adventuring difficult. While we do miss being adventure as much, we recognize that this is the season we are in… And that it will not be forever!

#3 Jeremy’s Back Injury

If you are new around here, Jeremy was injured while at work at the end of 2018. Unfortunately, Jeremy is not yet cleared for regular activities. We do feel like they have found something that is starting to alleviate some of the pressure and pain in his back. So while that is positive news…. we now have to get this therapy approved by the workman’s comp insurance… We will continue to update about this as we can.

What To Expect In the Future

Since we will be adding a new member to the family of course the bike trains are going to have to evolve. As well as Joshua is outgrowing his bike so we are looking for a mountain bike that will fit him! Our bike trains are not gone… Just not something we are able to use during this season in our lives! We are looking forward to “getting back in the saddle” as soon as we are able to!

In The Meantime

We have been looking for inflatable kayaks that we can enjoy during this summer… not sure exactly what ones we will be getting yet but are looking for ones that will seat 2-3 people. Please leave us a comment and let us know if you have any suggestions! It will probably be a few months before we are able to get out and use them!

We are onto the next adventure….

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