Getting Mail on the Road… Texas Homebase Review

One of the many things every full-time traveler needs to have figured out before they hit the road, is where all their mail will be sent. For many, this is also the addressed that will be used to establish what their “domicile” state will be. A “Domicile” is your fixed, permanent, and principal “home” for legal purposes. Some of the ways you can establish this is by using your chosen address for your drivers license, tax purposes, banking information, insurance policies or if you are a homeschooling family abiding by this state’s homeschooling laws. As you can see this is not a decision to be made lightly.

Early in our research phase of what it meant to RV full-time we made a list of pros and cons for choosing different states that could potentially become our  “domicile” state. Since this is a review of Texas Homebase I wont go into it. But for us the pros of choosing Texas out weighed the cons. If full-time travel is something you are considering as well, we recommend doing your own research and making your own list of pros and cons to help make your decision.

Deciding What To Do With Our Mail

As far as mail is concerned we knew we wanted to use a mail forwarding service since we didn’t want to burden any family or friends with receiving and then figuring out how to forward our mail to us. Texas Homebase does everything we were looking for and more!

  • First of all, you CAN use a Texas Homebase address for your drivers license. This is not the case with all mail forwarding services.
  • We LOVE the fact that we have an online “mailbox” where they upload a PDF of all our mail weekly. For every piece of mail that is scanned we are able to decide if we want it to be shredded, saved or forwarded. For most pieces of mail there is no need for them to forward a physical piece of mail to us since we are able to print out the PDF for most important documents. On the rare occasion we receive something that we do physically need we have a postage account associated with our Texas Homebase account. This account is used to cover any necessary postage to send those items to us.
  • We are able to change our forwarding address at anytime through our online account. So no matter where we are we will be able to have mail forwarded there.
  • They offer a check depositing service for an extra fee. This is not something we currently use since we don’t often get physical checks. It is however definitely an added bonus if this were ever something we were to need in the future!

Are you trying to figure out what mail solution will work for you? What state is your “Domicile” state?? Leave us a comment below and let us know!! Hopefully this review has been helpful and given you some things to consider when choosing your own “Domicile” state! Thanks for joining us on our adventures!

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