Is Adventurer #6 a BOY or GIRL??

We have been so excited to find out if Adventurer #6 is a boy or a girl! Knowing this will be our last pregnancy has that added element of excitement. A few friends and family members have joked with us that Kelli is actually pregnant with twins since we do not know her genetic history! Of course as with all our pregnancies no matter the gender (or genders), we are just thankful for a healthy pregnancy! We continue to trust that God knows what our family needs!

What do the Boys Think?

There have been many conversations with the boys over the past few months about what to expect. Of course one of the hot topics has been if the baby will be a boy or girl. Joshua has always wanted a sister ever since our second pregnancy! Jackson started out wanting a brother but as time went on he has adopted Joshua’s enthusiasm for a sister and changed his position on the topic. When asked, Jonathan always says girl or sister… not entirely sure he fully understands what that means though LOL!

Adventurer #6 is A…

BOY!! If you’re interested in seeing the boys’ reaction, check out this week’s vlog!

Recognizing our Blessings

There was a time where reading a post like this would have been impossible for Kelli… Our journey to a family of 6 has not been without its lows. Shortly after getting married we decided to start trying to grow our family. Getting pregnant the first time was quick; unfortunately we had 2 miscarriages within 3 months’ time. Kelli’s doctors recommended giving her body a break and strongly suggested preventing pregnancy for the following 6 months. We took that advice! After those 6 months we started trying again… however this time each month the tests were negative.

It took us 2 years to get pregnant again and this time everything was uneventful! We welcomed Joshua to our family 9 months later! When Joshua turned 1 we were ready to try again… and again things weren’t easy. It took us a year to get pregnant, and again Kelli had another miscarriage. She was ready to stop trying. Of course God had other plans and quickly got pregnant with Jackson welcoming him to the family 9 months later!

For reasons unknown to us, that was the end of our struggles to grow our family. Both Jonathan and Adventurer #6’s pregnancies took quickly and have been uneventful. After all this, Gods timing has proven to be better than our own! As painful as the journey has been we are so thankful for the unique and perfect addition to our family that each of our boys has been. The struggles have reminded us just how much of a blessing each of them truly are!

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