We LOVED the Colorado Railroad Museum!!

If you missed our video this week, we finally got to visit the Colorado Railroad Museum! Our boys love trains of all kinds! So the Colorado Railroad Museum has been on our Colorado Adventure Bucket List since we moved here.

Is Adventurer #6 a BOY or GIRL??

We have been so excited to find out if Adventurer #6 is a boy or a girl! Knowing this will be our last pregnancy has that added element of excitement. A few friends and family members have joked with us that Kelli is actually pregnant with twins since we do not know her genetic history!

Apologia for Early Elementary-1st Grade Science Review

I wish I had listened to my instincts and just started with Apologia!! It would have saved a lot of frustration on my mine and Joshua’s part… Not to mention it would have saved us a lot of money!!

Behind the Scenes of Our YouTube Channel

This week we wanted to take some time chat about the changes we have made behind the scenes of our YouTube channel over the past year. These are changes we have made to make producing our YouTube channel and managing our social media a little easier.