Our Momentum 398M Modification Plans

Our local Grand Design dealership FINALLY got a Momentum 398M Toy Hauler on their lot!! We took the boys with us and did a quick video walk through of the rig this past weekend to share what modification plans we have!! We are getting so excited now that we have picked the right rig for our family!

So What Plans DO we have??

Changing the Happijac’s to Queen Beds

There are a few reasons we want to do this! First, the upholstery of the happijac’s is sooo dark! If we change them out for 2 queen beds instead the underside of the beds are much lighter! This is important since the garage space will not only be the boys bedroom, but also our living room! Second, the queen beds will be more comfortable then the happijac’s and eventually we will be using all 4 spots as beds. Finally, the metal framework that makes the happijac’s work makes us nervous with the boys, and we would rather there be a smoother edge to their beds!

Installing Residential Washer and Dryer

Yes, it IS possible to install a residential washer and dryer in an RV! You just have to make sure you understand the electrical upgrades that are necessary for the install! We will, of course, share our install process with you once we have it all finished!!

Replace Supper Sofa w/ Custom Desk & Dinette

Jeremy is going to need a dedicated desk for his job and with the master bedroom not having enough room, the only other option is where the supper sofa couch is currently located! We want him to have the ability to have some separation between his work and the boys if it becomes necessary! Also, because this slide is 9′ wide, it absolutely has more then enough room for a dinette as well! We will be enlisting the help of family and friends to help build these custom pieces of furniture!

Residential Fridge

We know that getting a residential fridge is not the most common option when ordering an RV. Many RVer’s find the option to switch between electricity and propane to run the refrigerator appealing. For us we want the size… AND, RV refrigerators are notoriously the leading cause of RV fires… so not having one in our rig is very appealing to us!

Switching Out the Propane Cooktop

We have not decided if we will replace the whole unit (cook-top /oven combo) or if we will remove the oven for more cabinet space… With the convection microwave we have not decided if we really need the oven or not… guess we will just have to wait and see! But we for sure know that we want to switch to induction for our cook-top!! This modification is just a personal preference… Kelli dislikes using propane cook-tops, they aren’t for everyone!

We NEED a Dishwasher!

Neither of us like doing dishes… Honestly we have a hard time keeping up with them with a dishwasher… We have NO desire to experience life without one! Also, when it comes to sanitizing kitchenware Kelli really struggles with hand-washing kid’s cups and water bottles! They just never “feel” clean enough (especially the milk cups)!!

King Size Bed

This isn’t necessarily a modification so much as an option we plan to get when ordering… But it is worth mentioning! With Jeremy being 6’2″ it is a necessity!!


Not sure how far down down the road it will be before we get to painting with all the other projects we have planned, but it is definitely on the list! For sure we will paint all the dark wood… possibly the walls… we will see how we feel after the wood is painted!

What modifications have you made?

We would love to know what modifications you have made to your rig! We are always looking for ideas on how to make an RV function better for full-time living!! Feel free to share your modifications with us!!

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