Typical CO J&K Full-Time Adventures Snow Day

If you have been following our family for any length of time, you know that we LOVE the snow! The last few years winter have been a bit of a disappointment for us! So it has been amazing being back in Colorado for this winter this year! The snow has been wonderful!

School 1st!

On a typical snow day you will generally find us hanging out around the house! The day starts off with our normal homeschool schedule for Joshua and Jackson (if he wants to join in and he usually does.) School doesn’t usually take us too long in the morning. Anywhere from 2-3 hours and we are usually able to knock out Math, Writing, Reading and Spelling. Often we will take a short break or two between subjects… He is six and 3 hours for him to sit still and focus is a LONG time!! We usually tackle our elective rotating schedule topics (Science, History & Geography) in the evening when the younger boys are in bed.

If we have not had lunch yet, we will usually do that before going outside to play since hangry kids are not fun! Then starts the Olympic sport of getting 3 little people dressed in multiple layers of clothing… all at the same time!!

We have been staying at Kelli’s Mom’s house since getting to Colorado and she has the perfect sledding hill right next to her house! It is WONDERFUL not having to haul the kiddos anywhere! And of course there is the added bonus of having a bathroom close by for those emergencies that inevitably are going to happen with little people! This past snow day we got a wet enough snow that our boys were able to make their 1st SNOWMAN!!

Do your kids love the snow as much as ours? What are your favorite snow day activities? We are really looking forward to our RV travels and having the opportunity to expand our snow day adventures!! Dog sledding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, snowboarding… the list continues!!

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