A Much Needed Update

You may have noticed that we seem to have taken a break from going on adventures. The truth is that since right before Thanksgiving we have done exactly that. The reason behind this “break” is Jeremy injured his back while at work. We have been waiting to make this information public knowledge in hopes that we would have more answers than questions once we let you all know. While it is true that we do have more answers now, it seems our questions have just multiplied.

Because his injury occurred while at work we have had to follow workman’s comp/insurance protocol. Protocol is a JOKE! It has taken months for them to accept that his injury is not just muscular & he was finally approved for an MRI earlier this week which has revealed multiple herniated and ruptured discs in his lower spine. Today was the 1st appointment with the spinal specialist. Unfortunately we seem to be encountering yet another insurance/doctor bump in the road. This particular specialist, whether influenced by insurance or not is unsure, was unwilling to discuss any treatment options outside of steroid/cortisone shots, administered directly into the affected discs under sedation

Jeremy has never been one for pain masking options

At this time he is not ready to try a “treatment” that will not actually address the injury and attempt to resolve the problem. Pain is a symptom, not the problem. Of course we will have more updates as we learn more about his injury and how he can work towards healing!

These past few months have not been particularly easy for our family. It feels like we have had one big hit after another and our plans have fallen apart. We had not planned on being here as long as we have been. Colorado was just supposed to be a short stop while we got the rest of our ducks in a row. Giving us time to order and get our RV home. We are extremely grateful and realize how blessed we are to have a safe place to be during this time. Getting an RV is still the plan; we have just had to modify our timeline a little again… We appreciate any prayers!!

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