Lets Talk 5th Wheel Hitches

Selecting the correct 5th wheel hitch for towing is of vital importance. It is what will be attaching our home with all our belongings to Brutus. There are many options that accommodate long and short bed vehicles. Since we intentionally ordered Brutus with a long bed, we are able to go with a much lighter standard factory 5th wheel hitch.

Our Top 5th Wheel Hitch Option

Of the 5th wheel hitches available our strong preference is the B&W hitch for the RAM puck system. We prefer this hitch for many different reasons. It is very well built and B&W is a company who stands behind their products. B&W has even been known to send out a new hitch when problems arise at no cost to the customer. We already trust B&W for our gooseneck ball towing setup and conventional bumper towing needs. Why wouldn’t we trust them for our 5th wheel towing as well? If we go with a 5th wheel hitch, our plan is to upgrade the RV pin box to a Lippert Flex Air System for a smoother ride for the RV and truck.

5th Wheel Hitch Elimination…

There is one hitch we get asked about a lot. This particular hitch was eliminated 1st for many different reasons. Safety is #1, and this hitch has proven (on video and in accident reports) to fail completely. Sending the RV into the truck crushing the cab. There are also documented reports of insurance companies and RV manufacturers denying claims from people who have chosen to use this hitch. No thank you.

Seriously Considering Another Option…

There are a few new to market options that we are considering. Lippert and Reese have teamed up and created THE ONLY factory approved and warrantied pin box replacement that will work with a gooseneck ball. The GooseBox replaces the factory 5th wheel pin box. It then connects straight to a gooseneck ball in the bed of the truck. The reason this is appealing is when we get where we are going, we just unhitch and remove the gooseneck ball which weighs less than 10 lbs. Then we can use the entire truck bed for bikes, kayaks, and other things for our adventures.

The GooseBox is built with an airbag and 2 shocks built into the unit for ease and comfort. The GooseBox hitch max rating is at 20,000 lbs and the Momentum Toy-hauler we are considering is also rated at 20,000 lbs. We would rather have a little bit of cushion. This is the only reason we have not decided for sure that this is the hitch solution we want to go with.

What hitch system are you using for your 5th wheel trailer?

We love hearing from others families that are already out there using these systems! Leave us a comment and let us know what hitch system your currently using!

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  1. Adrian Jones
    Adrian Jones says:

    When it comes to picking out a 5th wheel hitch option, one should always consider the weight limit of what you’re going to be pulling behind the truck or a van. Having this kind of hitch can help you especially when you camp out a lot in the wilderness and want to experience nature while having the comforts of an RV unit. If I had a chance to select a gooseneck hitch then I would want to try and go camping out in the wilderness with an RV.

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