Bike Trains Update, Family Bike Setup of Almost 6

We love to ride bikes as a family!! There is however the challenge of figuring out how to keep an ever growing family bike setup on the trails together!

You have to be flexible

To say kids grow fast is an understatement! I don’t know about your kids, but our boys grow out of clothes faster than we can buy them it seems! Just like you have to be prepared to get a size up in jeans every season, you have to be ready to switch out your current family bike setup whenever your kids outgrow your current configuration!!

Recently we have made some tweaks to our bike train configuration, so we figured it was a good time to put out an update on what we are currently using for our family!

Have you seen our previous family bike setup?

If you missed our original Bike Train blog post you can check that out HERE. We go into detail about what bike trailers we own and give a short review on each of them. Then show our family of 5 bike train setup that worked for a 6 year old (not yet strong enough of an independent rider for full trails), 2 year old and 1 year old.

And if you missed it, here is our original Bike Train video giving a quick look at the train setup we were using at that time!

We still have all our bike trailers that we had previously.

The WeeRide Copilot

And the Burley Bee bike trailer

As our current configuration sits… our oldest (6 years old) is no longer riding on a bike trailer. Joshua is now a strong enough rider to handle long bike trails that are either paved or groomed smoothly.

Check our our rock star on his first solo ride in this video! (I’ll admit totally a shameless proud parent plug)

If we do a single track ride however, he is back on our weeride copilot… mainly because the bike he has is really not suitable to be riding on any kind of rough terrain.

We are currently in the research phase of getting him his first mountain bike! We would love to hear any suggestions or advice you have for picking him the perfect mountain bike!

So that brings us to our two youngest (3 years old and 1 years old)! They are both still riding in our Weehoo Igo2. They both love this trailer almost as much as we do! We love that they can ride single track with us and that they are securely strapped into their seats! Jackson our 3 year old loves that he can help (and by help I mean pedal backwards) Daddy pedal!

Prepared For Adventurer #4

If your following our adventures you are already aware that we are expecting our 4th baby in the coming months!!! While not yet in use for our family, I figured some of you out there may be looking for infant solutions for family bike rides!

When we have an infant we would like to take with us on a bike ride, the solution we have found that works for us is to securely strap our infant car seat into the Burley Bee bike trailer.

We have found this to be a secure and safe solution for our family. It is important to note that we avoid heavily trafficked trails and any bike paths or trails that take us by roads with vehicles when we are riding with an infant. We also stick to paved or well groomed trails until our babies have good head and neck control! A feature we love about the Burley Bee bike trailer is that the “trunk” space is big enough for us to bring any extra water or gear we may need as well as our cooler for a picnic lunch!!

**This setup is by no means recommend by Burley and we are absolutely NOT telling you that this is how you should use their bike trailer! We are merely sharing a solution that works for our family**

Are you in the market for a new bike trailer? I hope this has been helpful in your search for the perfect bike setup for your family! Leave us a comment and let us know what setup you have and how it’s working for your family!! We love to hear about others getting out there and finding a way to do what they love as a family!!

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