RV Bound 7 Month Update, Where are we now?

7 months ago I remember thinking… 6 months… sure we can do that!! Hahahaha yeah, how little we knew! Going from living paycheck to paycheck in a two bedroom apartment, with Jeremy working as an automotive technician… To, living in a 5th Wheel RV (that we didn’t own yet), and a truck capable of pulling said RV (yeah we had a Honda Odyssey). Oh yeah, and having a job we could work from anywhere we wanted to be… It was A LOT more work then we had anticipated!!

So what progress have we made in 7 months??

We have purchased an amazing 3500 RAM dually truck that we have affectionately named Brutus.

We are no longer living in a 2 bedroom apartment. If you have followed our adventures this far, you know that we have moved in with Kelli’s mom. We made this move in order to save money and get us closer to our goal and try to pay down some of our debts.

Jeremy has started working towards a degree in cyber security and is on track to finish in less than 3 years. With this degree (hopefully before completion) he should have the credentials needed to get a job he can work remotely from anywhere we want to be (with good internet of course).

We do not have an RV. For multiple reasons we have not yet made this purchase. The biggest being, we do not have mobile income yet.

Of course there is the unexpected, sort of…

If you missed our big announcement, Baby #4 is on the way! We knew going into this adventure that we planned to have one more child. This new addition has not and will not affect our plans to go Full-time!

Sooo Glad We Set A Deadline!

We cannot stress enough how thankful we are for making the decision to go full-time RVing… While we did not meet our original goal of 6 months… it has forced us to start taking ACTUAL steps towards our goal. We have learned that our timeline has to be flexible. And we have learned that making a drastic change in career is much harder than we had planned for. We realize we have to give ourselves grace and trust that we are making the right choices for our family!

Can you relate?

If you are in that place of dreaming about traveling with your family… In whatever capacity… What ACTUAL steps have you taken towards achieving your goal?

Or are you already out there doing it? How long did it take you to get out the door and on the  road?? Any advice, words of encouragement??

We want to know your story, leave us a comment and tell us a little about what your doing?

We are onto the next adventure….

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