What Christmas Traditions Will We Be Able To Keep??

It seems that the holidays are a bit of a hot topic with the full-time traveling crowd. The reality is that for most, holidays just don’t look the same when living in a tiny space on the move!! For some families this presents a problem. Others, they thrive on that change in traditions!!

Family Bike Setup of Almost 6

To say kids grow fast is an understatement! I don’t know about your kids, but our boys grow out of clothes faster than we can buy them it seems! Just like you have to be prepared to get a size up in jeans every season, you have to be ready to switch out your current family bike setup whenever your kids outgrow your current configuration!!

RV Bound Update, Where Are We Now?

7 months ago I remember thinking… 6 months… sure we can do that!! Hahahaha yeah, how little we knew!