YouTuber Meetup with No Ordinary Path!!

Something we didn’t expect about starting a YouTube Chanel was the community that comes with it. You all the sudden end up with friends you never would have had otherwise! Isn’t it amazing how big social media makes the world?? This past week we got to meet some of this type of friends for the first time in person!! No Ordinary Path is one of the first YouTube families that we started connecting with. They are another full-time RV family with young kids. As it turns out they were planning to visit some family in Colorado. So when we learned they were going to be spending a little time in our neck of the woods, we made plans to meet up!

They also enjoy riding bikes so it was only natural that we would get together for a bike ride. We both have WeeHoo bike trailers (they actually learned about WeeHoo from us!!) although theirs is the single while we have the double. With their 3 kids, one of their nieces and our 3 kiddos, the adults were outnumbered almost 2-1! It was wonderful getting to spend some time talking with others who have similar goals to ours… Even if they have reached some of those goals and we aren’t quite there yet!

As wonderful as it was to spend some time together and have our kids hang out… Unfortunately we did not plan for how COLD it was going to be!! You see in Colorado even if the day’s are warm in the beginning of November… It starts to get cold, fast, as the sun starts to go down. After our ride we tried to let the kids all play on the playground for a little while as the adults chatted. However they all ended up piled in Kristin and John’s truck eating puppy chow!

Even if we did freeze off a few fingers and toes we had a really fun time! Check out the video of our meetup!

We are looking forward to hopefully one day meeting up with them on the road to do some more adventuring together! Until then we will continue to enjoy watching their channel!

We are onto the next adventure!

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