Get to Know Brutus!!

We LOVE Brutus!! And we are so excited to introduce him to you! He is exactly what we need for towing any 5th wheel RV!!

Lest start from the beginning

When we first started looking at RVs we quickly decided the type of RV we wanted was a 5th wheel. Once that that had been decided, the next step was to decide on what kind of truck we were going to get. This of course is dependent on LOTS of factors. Jeremy spent some time and put together a “Must Haves” list… Armed with this list we went truck shopping. If you missed our post about our experience truck shopping and what was on Jeremy’s “Must Haves” list and are interested click HERE.

So, does Brutus have all our “Must Haves”?

Honestly, We ordered Brutus exactly the way we wanted him… So YES he checks off ALL the “Must Haves” boxes plus a few more!!

  • Brutus is a 1 ton dually with 2 bench seats to accommodate the 6 of us. He has a long bed so we will have room for the aux fuel tank/toolbox unit we plan to install.
  • He has the 3.73 gears with a manual transmission so that Jeremy will have full control while towing. 
  • We chose the snow package since we love the winter and know that we will be spending time in cold climates!!
  • Brutus has 4 wheel drive for not only the ability to drive in the snow we are always looking for, but also the ground clearance we will need as we plan to be boon-docking most of the time.
  • We ordered Brutus with the factory puck system for 5th wheel and goose-neck systems built in. This is a much better solution as it is quicker to install and remove hitches from the bed when needed.
  • Brutus’s bed is fully protected since we opted for the factory bed-liner install.
  • Of course Brutus has the factory rear air suspension, so that the truck is level when towing which is paramount.
  • Brutus also has the upgraded audio/video package due to wanting the larger screen and the features that come with it. However, we opted out of the built in navigation. We knew we would end up using screen sharing with our phones so we could use google maps instead (which lets be honest, is better anyways since it constantly updates. AND it syncs over usb or bluetooth for the screen share)

We have added a few accessories already

  • We bought the all-weather mats as we currently live in a wet/snowy area and wanted to save the carpet.
  • Jeremy has replaced the fuel and Blue Def tank caps.
  • We also bought a solid steel rear step that fits into the receiver hitch. It is a great option that lets us step into the bed much easier from the back and it has great grip also. It also works as a tow strap/chain location when towing vehicles out of the ditch or up the roads. The only thing Jeremy did was coat it in a rust-oleum black paint since the reviews said that it can rust easily.
  • Since Jeremy is already using Brutus for towing goose-neck trailers, we have purchased the B&W Goose-neck ball.

If you happen to be the visual sort, Jeremy did an awesome job with this weeks video introducing Brutus!

A few modifications are already in the plans

  • We plan to run the tires out of tread before we switch to the tires we want. We have had the BFGoodrench KO2 on every SUV and Truck we have owned.  They are absolutely great for on and off road use!
  • We are in the process of teaming up with a mudflap company to have custom mud flaps made with our logo! (Pretty excited about this one)
  • We plan to install the Titan factory replacement fuel tank. This will push us from 36 gallons to 55 gallons of diesel without any other modifications or space lost. 
  • As I mentioned above we plan to install an aux in bed fuel tank/toolbox that will give us an additional 60 gallons of fuel.
  • We plan to get a soft bed cover that is flush mount and will hide everything underneath it when not towing.
  • While Jeremy has plans to do a full delete on Brutus, we are going to wait for warranty to run out, if possible before we make the changes. We do however, plan to run the stealth performance kit which will boost power and fuel mileage.

Can’t wait to enjoy this next season with Brutus! We are onto the next adventure.

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