Surprise!!! We Moved To Colorado!!!

It has been a CRAZY couple of weeks for these J&K Adventurers!! If you’re new to our adventures, our move to Colorado was definitely not in our original plan!!

So why the sudden change in location?? As we have been navigating our way through this transition to full-time RV travel, we have realized that the RV rig/truck setup we want is going to cost a bit more than we thought originally! This realization came about the same time that Jeremy received a job offer here in Colorado that we just couldn’t turn down!

At this time our plan moving forward is to cut our budget down as much as possible putting all extra money into the truck loan and towards purchasing our 5th wheel in order to start our RV adventures off on a more stable financial foundation! We have always had the mindset that debt was not something we wanted to embrace and with that in mind we are thankful for the opportunity to avoid taking on any debt for this adventure. Also, not having any debt will greatly reduce the amount of monthly income needed to cover our expenses and that is always a good thing while on the road!!

Because of Jeremy’s new job we had only a couple weeks to finish downsizing as much as possible and then pack everything left to make the drive right back to Colorado! Like I said, a crazy few weeks!!

During this season we will be staying with Kelli’s mom, helping her out around the house and enjoying a little extra time together before we officially launch! We are excited about our future adventures here in Colorado during this time!

Our story is definitely not over! We are onto the next adventure….

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