Wild Delivery Of Brutus, Our RAM3500 Dually


Brutus is here!!! How he got here is one crazy story!!!

Things started out normal enough…

As you all know Jeremy put together a list of Must Haves for the truck we would be getting for towing our 5th wheel home! Because we were unwilling to compromise on any of our must haves, it became apparent pretty quickly we would have to special order our truck.  Our salesman ended up being the commercial truck manager and was actually really knowledgeable. We both really enjoyed working with him! With his help we ordered exactly what we wanted, the way we wanted it. (Disclaimer: doing your own research before buying is very important as most salesman do not actually know all of the features and options available. Most of them do not tow or have ever towed anything before and do not understand how the numbers actually work.)

Unfortunately the rest of the story is a little less normal…

You see, Jeremy had accepted a new job position in Colorado. Going off of the dates the dealership gave us we added an extra week and informed his new job that was when we would pack the trailer up and head their way…. However delivery of Brutus took longer than the dealership expected and the truck ended up being sent to the wrong location, twice!

We ended up having to leave Chattanooga, TN and move to Golden, CO using an off the lot, brand new 1 ton long bed dually they gave to us to use until our ordered truck arrived. Brutus finally arrived at the dealership more than a week after we had arrived in Colorado (about 3 weeks after the date RAM had stated the truck was ready to be delivered). With the truck finally on their lot, the dealership then ended up flying Jeremy back to TN to pick up the truck. 

Pretty much immediately after landing in TN and finally taking possession of Brutus, Jeremy then drove back across the country with the salesman to CO,  all expenses paid. Our salesman rode with Jeremy so he would be able to drive the loaner truck back to TN. The two of them made the drive in 26 hours!!! 

We were blown away by the customer service from the dealership we were working with! They went above and beyond what we would have expected any dealership to do to ensure everything worked out in the end! It has been one crazy adventure figuring out how to get Brutus here to Colorado! But we are so thankful to finally have him here with us!

Do you have a crazy vehicle delivery story?? We would love to hear about it!! Leave a comment below or send us a message!

We are onto the next adventure!

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