Final Downsizing…. Maybe…

Everyone who is considering making the move to an RV knows that downsizing is a BIG part of the process. Over the past few weeks we have been working hard to get a jump start on downsizing! We have already started selling as many items that we can! Basically I have been going through EVERYTHING we own and asking; do we use it, do we need it and will it fit? This seems to be one of the BIG questions full-time RVer’s get asked the most… “What do I really NEED?” or “How much _____ should we keep?” filling in the blank with anything… cloths, kitchen items the list could go on forever! But the reality is everyone’s needs are going to be different. The correct answer for us, may not be the correct answer for you!

The funny thing is I felt like we were already pretty minimalistic. But then I started going though everything. With the knowledge that it all had to fit into the RV, it all the sudden has started to feel like we are hoarders! The big areas I have hit this week are the closets in our boys room, the master bedroom, our hall closet and the boys books and toys.

The boys closet is currently basically a storage closet since all their stuff fits inside their dresser. It was a lot of going through boxes…. Full of things like clothing the boys have outgrown and stuff that for the most part does not currently get used… then deciding if it will have a use in the RV.

As far as clothing goes, most of what we got rid of was Jeremy’s. (He still has clothing from highscool… and they all still fit!!). I(Kelli) have recently lost about 50lbs so most of my cloths don’t fit anymore and that was easy. The boys clothing I decided I would per size keep no more than 8 pairs of shorts, 8 pairs of pants , 10 long sleeve shirts, 10 short sleeve shirts and all the socks and underwear since they don’t have an excess of any of those.

The hall closet is where we kept all our extra linens. Most of those are gone now since I am only keeping one set of everything. This is also where we keep all our games. For those I have removed everything from their boxes and placed the pieces into zip-lock bags. This way we get to keep all our games, but they take up MUCH less space!

The boys toys and books… OK so as far as this goes… we got rid of a lot… but we still have  a lot so I fully expect to keep slowly weeding these down. Books are going to be the hardest for me… I honestly don’t want to get rid of any of them…

So let me know… If your already living tiny, was downsizing hard for you? Or are you considering making the switch and just here looking for inspiration?! I would love to hear about your struggles and thoughts!

We are onto the next adventure!

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