Bay Point Loop Trail with WeeHoo iGo 2

This past week, we took our boys and our bike trains  and the WeeHoo iGo 2 on their first single track bike trail! This is also the first single track that Kelli has ridden in about 5 years… The Bay Point Loop trail is a 4.3 mile loop around Harrison Bay in Harrison, TN.

This ride is beautiful! You are riding along the shore line of the Tennessee river for the majority of the ride. Before heading out on our ride we read lots of reviews! The biggest complaint we found was that the part of the trail was apparently under water due to recent high rainfall. We personally did not encounter this so can not comment about it, but wanted to make a note of it here in case it has been raining before your planned ride so you can know what to expect. We enjoyed seeing lots of wildlife! At least a half dozen deer!

This trail is rated easy and we would agree with the given rating! There were some places where the roots made it a little harder for Kelli to navigate. However, Kelli is not a comfortable bike rider to begin with, and was not entirely ready to be riding on a single track with Joshua on the bike trailer. She struggles with uneven ground on a bike to begin with and adding her son into the mix made her extremely nervous. For this reason there were a few parts where she chose to walk the trail rather than ride. With this said, that majority of this trail this was not a problem at all!

One MAJOR point to keep in mind, if you are going to be riding during tic season…. wear some sort of repellent (we did not think about it and wish we had) and check yourself for tics at the end of your ride!! Every. Single. One. of us had at least 1 tick attached and multiple others crawling on us!! So be vigilant!!

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