Our Adventure to the Chattanooga, TN Zoo

Did you know that many public libraries now offer a family pass to your local Zoo to check out?? Our public library is one of them! However the waiting list is always ridiculously long!! We put our name on the list the week we moved to Chattanooga and got our library card (Months ago).

As luck would have it, we got the call that the pass was available this week! The same week that Kelli’s mom was in town visiting us!!

The Chattanooga, TN Zoo is on the smaller side. But that didn’t stop us from having a really fun time!! We arrived early since we didn’t know what to expect, and it was good that we did. While we were walking around the staff were out cleaning the enclosures and feeding the animals. They were all very friendly and interactive this early, and so we’re the animals!

Our Tips for Visiting the Chattanooga, TN Zoo

Arrive Early

We were so thankful we got to the Zoo early! We did not encounter any crowds and the zookeeper’s were able to interact with us while cleaning the enclosures. The animals are known to be more active in the early morning!

Don’t expect too much

This is a small Zoo, for our boys this was perfect! Don’t expect to make this a full day type of visit. You can easily see all the exhibits and take advantage of all the extra activities to do in a half day visit.

Don’t be afraid to bring snacks

The website says not to bring in outside food, however we were not checked at the gate and if you did bring in snacks you probably would be just fine! They do have a cute little burger joint so if you wanted to eat lunch at the Zoo they do have that option.

Be prepared to pay for Extras

There are lots of extra things to do a the Chattanooga Zoo. Ranging from feeding the animals in the petting zoo, to riding the Zoo Choo! All of these extras cost, so do your research! Know what activities you want to do and be prepared!

This trip was our boys first visit to any zoo and it was an absolute hit with them! What Zoo’s have you visited?? Zoos are definitely on our list of places to check out as we travel around the states once in the RV! Help us start making a list of Zoos not to miss!!

We are into the next adventure….

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