Bay Point Loop Trail with WeeHoo iGo 2

This past week, we took our boys and our bike trains  and the WeeHoo iGo 2 on their first single track bike trail! This is also the first single track that Kelli has ridden in about 5 years… The Bay Point Loop trail is a 4.3 mile loop around Harrison Bay in Harrison, TN.

Our Adventure to the Chattanooga, TN Zoo

Did you know that many public libraries now offer a family pass to your local Zoo to check out?? Our public library is one of them! However the waiting list is always ridiculously long!!

Truck Shopping!!

Who doesn’t love test driving new vehicles!? Can anyone else relate or is it just us?! When we first started dating and were still newlyweds, before kiddo’s, we loved stopping by different car dealerships just to test drive and check out the newest car models.

Memorial Day, Teaching the Importance to Our Boys

For many Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer. Neighborhood pools open and many people have the day off from work. For many Americans that is where their understanding stops…