Homeschool Organization in Our 2 Bedroom Apartment

Before we made the decision to go full-time RVing we were already homeschooling our oldest, Joshua. There are many factors that went into our decision to homeschool that I may get into later. Please leave a comment down below to let me know if that is something you are interested in! Today I wanted to give you a look into our current homeschool organization.

We currently are living in a two bedroom apartment while we work towards downsizing and securing location independent income. When we first started homeschooling like every other homeschooling mama out there I scoured the web for ideas on organization and curriculum resources! I finally decided the system I wanted to use was a variation of the workbox system.

This system has worked very well for us so far and we both love it! Joshua knows exactly where his school stuff is, and where everything belongs. He know exactly what subject we are doing next.  Then, because I pull out the work we will be doing from each subject at the beginning of the week he knows exactly what he is expected to complete each day. I love having all the resources we use kept together in one spot! This way there is no digging through cabinets or drawers to pull everything together. I can sit in front of the workbox drawers and be finished prepping for the following week without having to go search for anything (unless there is a science experiment we plan to do that week).

How we actually use our workbox’s

We start with the top drawer at the beginning of the day and by the end of the day our goal is to have gotten through all the drawers. Here is a rundown of what we keep in each drawer!!

Drawer 1

This is our “morning basket” drawer!

  • Our devotional book and both boys Bibles
  • Joshua’s Calendar/Weather Cards
  • My Family Time Fitness lesson plans binder
  • Pens/Pencils/Eraser

Drawer 2

This is our Spanish drawer!

  • Puppets that we use to practice Spanish
  • Spanish Readers
  • Flashcards
  • Mommy’s Teacher Notes

Drawer 3

This is our science drawer!

  • The lap-book Joshua is currently working on.
  • Right now we are doing animal unit studies, so we have our National Geographic Animal Encyclopedia.
  • Any extra readers for that current unit study.
  • The binder I have put both Abeka year 1 & 2.

Drawer 4

This is our math drawer!

  • Math U See Level Alpha Student worksheets
  • The Complete Book of Time and Money, by Thinking Kids
  • Math U See Manipulative
  • Time and Money Flash Cards

Drawer 5

This is our reading and spelling drawer!

  • All About Reading (AAR) Level 1 Teachers Manual
  • Current AAR Reader
  • All About Spelling (AAS)  Level 1 Teachers Manual
  • AAR & AAS flash cards box w/ prepped student activities

Drawer 6

This is our language arts drawer!

  • IEW Primary Arts of Language Writing materials
  • Usborne Books First Reading Library Reader
  • Small white board

Everything Else

Because I have a large kitchen with lots of cabinets, I keep the remainder of my homeschool resources in a few of those cabinets and drawers.

Even though we are living in a relatively small space already, our current organization of homeschool is going to need a revamp before making the move to RV living. As you can see our homeschool resources still take up quite a large amount of space. And I know that we definitely will not have enough space for individual sets of drawers per kid. I have been doing a lot of research on how to condense the materials we have down!! I believe I’ve come up with a couple good ideas. Stay tuned for an updated homeschool organization blog/vlog!!

If you are the sort that prefers a video tour…

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