Giving Back, No Matter Where We Are!

So a little backstory before we get into the meat of this blog post. Something that you may or may not know about us, is we are Christians. For us, this is not just a title we use to label ourselves; but rather a blueprint for how we try to handle ourselves. Our understanding of what this means is not just saying we believe in Jesus. As we continue to mature as Christians what this means to us has evolved  and likely will continue to grow. For us (at this time) it means: being dedicated to attending church regularly (or watching online if we can not be physically present). Being an active part of a community of other believers. Giving more than we get. And modeling Christ like behavior and values for our boys.

Anyone who has gone to church can tell you that there are church attenders that will be there every single Sunday, attend every single church event, and yet for one reason or another, you just can’t put your finger on it, but their actions do not line up with what you have been taught a Christ follower would look or act like. Of course everyone fails in this area at one time or another, yes, even us. There is no person in the world other than Jesus who can claim to be perfect. But with that said we make an effort to follow these guidelines to the best of our ability. Knowing that we do not always measure up.

We say all that to make it perfectly clear, our intention is not to toot our own horns or to say we aren’t like “those other church attenders”  with this post. We are merely making it a point to share our personal beliefs with those who choose to follow our adventures. Both of us believe it is extremely important that we not neglect this part of ourselves when sharing our story.

We have been extremely fortunate to be a part of many churches that are very generous. Quite honestly it is the most important trait, outside of the children’s program, that we look for when searching out a new church! The church that we are currently attending has blown us away with their generosity! And quite honestly gives us an overwhelming desire to support their vision and be generous as well. Our church tries to make it as easy as possible for church attenders to be generous with their time, money and any other resources they have to offer. One way they go about this is a set of bulletin boards in the entryway of the church.

On these boards, they clip these little cards that have needs from the churches community partners listed on them. These needs can range from $10 gift cards, to donating pieces of furniture. Or if you prefer they have options for serving with your time or your particular set of skills. Our boys LOVE to get a new card from the board after church each week! They like to talk about how they plan to fulfill the needs listed on these cards. We make an effort not to guide them in what cards to choose (obviously some cards we truly cannot fulfill so we will ask them to choose another card in those instances).

There have been times in our lives where, without the generosity of others, things would not have gone as smoothly as they did. We are convinced God wove together these times in our lives. Bringing us together with others who he had given the ability and desire to help, when we were not able to help ourselves. We are overwhelmingly grateful for those who have been generous with us and have come to understand our role in this life is lift others up and help wherever we are able.

We are now in a much different stage in our lives and find the roles reversed. God has us currently in a place where we are able to help others who are unable to help themselves. As we started to discuss the idea of going full-time RVing and starting a YouTube channel to chronicle our adventures, we realized that something we wanted was to find a way to continue giving back and being generous still while living out the RV lifestyle. Choosing to be generous does not have to change for us when we are no longer location dependent. We are excited to find new ways to make this a part of our story when we are traveling.

We would love to know what ways you are impacting your community! How are you being generous with the resources God has given you!! Please leave us a comment! Let us know what you are doing, we are always looking for ways to give back ourselves.

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