Homeschool Organization in Our 2 Bedroom Apartment

When we first started homeschooling like every other homeschooling mama out there I scoured the web for ideas on organization and curriculum resources! I finally decided the system I wanted to use was a variation of the workbox system.

Have We Found Our Full-time RV Rig?

Long before we made the official decision to go full-time RVing we had been looking at RV’s. This lifestyle has been one we have dreamt about for some time now.

Enterprise Nature Park, Review

Enterprise Nature Park has quickly became our favorite place to take our bike trains since moving to Chattanooga, TN.

Giving Back, No Matter Where We Are!

Something that you may or may not know about us, is we are Christians. For us, this is not just a title we use to label ourselves; but rather a blueprint for how we try to handle ourselves.