Our Adventure to Monster Jam with Pit Passes Chattanooga, TN

Like many young boys, our boys love monster trucks! As soon as we heard Monster Jam would be in Chattanooga, we knew we were going to take them!

The pit party was a lot of fun! Our boys were in awe of how big all the trucks were. At first I wasn’t sure they were enjoying it because they didn’t really seem to have much of a reaction. But as we were walking around the arena, I realized they were just taking it all in. These trucks that are huge to me, must be massive to our boys who are less than half my size!

Our oldest enjoyed walking around talking with all the drivers and having them sign his monster truck t-shirt. on the other hand our middle child, who tends to be more on the reserved side, only had the Grave Digger team members sign his t-shirt (his new favorite monster truck).

Our boys are usually sensitive to loud noises (vacuum, hair dryer, drills etc.) so our plan was to just attend the pit party and head home afterwards. However both the boys begged to stay and watch the show so we decided to give it a try (thankfully we came prepared with ear protection just in case), and we are so glad we did!

The show itself was more enjoyable than I (Kelli) expected! Yes it was loud! I believe the ear muffs gave our boys the sense of security or comfort that they needed! Because of this neither of them complained about it being too loud. Even our 10 month old loved watching the trucks and even kept his ear protection on!

It is really impressive what these drivers can do even in as small an arena as McKenzie. Our boys have been talking about and re-creating all the stunts we saw every day since our adventure! I know this is a memory they will treasure!

Tips for families:

  • TIP 1 – Purchase the Pit Pass extension! It is so worth the extra money you won’t regret it.
  • TIP 2 – Bring ear protection! This may seem like a no brainier for small kids… But even older kids will benefit from this tip as well. The family that sat in front of us had a teenage daughter who held her ears and was almost in the fetal position as soon as they started the engines. She didn’t stop until they got her some ear muffs. They did have ear muffs for sale however I don’t know how much they were since we did not need to purchase any.
  • TIP 3 – If you have young kids picking a smaller event for their first Monster Jam may be a good idea. I am thankful that this was the arena we chose for our boys first time since it was on a smaller scale then some of the other events they have. As overwhelming as this event was I believe a larger event may have been too much to handle and may not have been enjoyed as much.

Our whole family had an amazing time! If given the opportunity to, we would definitely love to attend one of the larger Monster Jam’s. Check out the YouTube video of our adventure to Monster Jam!

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