Family of 5 Bike Setup – WeeHoo iGo 2

If you have known Jeremy and I for any amount of time you know that we really enjoy bike riding! When we had Joshua, our oldest, we knew we had to find a way to safely take him with us on our bike rides. So like anyone else wanting to find out information on something, we got on good old Google and start researching the hundreds of options out there for kids bike trailers and attachments for bike riding.

Our 1st Bike Trailer

With only one kid at that time, we went with just a regular kids bike trailer. The trailer we settled on was the Burley Bee. We were excited to be able to start using the trailer even with our young infant. By strapping the infant car seat into the trailer, we felt confident that he was safe!

Using an infant car-seat in the Burley Bee Bike trailer.

Even as our family grew, this worked for our 3 year old and 1 year old wonderfully. With our current setup this trailer has become our “trunk” for when we are taking longer bike rides. It holds our extra water, snacks and lunch.

But what if your kid wants to peddle?

Joshua was about 3 years old when he started making comments about wanting to peddle on his own. This sent us back to Google looking for what tag-a-long style bike would work best. Eventually we settled on the WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer. With our current set up this is the bike that our 5 year old rides.

Once we received the trailer from Amazon, we of course took it on a few bike rides! Quickly, we realized that the tabs located right next to the connector (where it attaches to the seat post) restricted how tight the adult rider could turn… If Jeremy would take too sharp of a turn the whole trailer attachment would twist on his seat post and no long track behind the bike correctly. To fix this problem Jeremy used a grinder to remove the tabs and we have had no problems since! For one kid that wants to peddle it works well and does what we need it to do.

Almost immediately after purchasing the WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer, we realized we should have just gone all in and purchased the trailer we actually wanted… The Weehoo iGo 2! Now that we have 3 kids both the WeeRide and the Weehoo iGo 2 get used on our rides since they are both single track bikes and the Burley Bee bike trailer is not.

What trailer do we like best? WeeHoo iGo 2

There is no contest! By far our favorite of the 3 trailers we own is the Weehoo iGo 2. This is also the trailer that everyone we come across is interested in. It never fails, on every ride we always get questions and comments about it. This trailer is pulled by Jeremy and with our current bike setup is ridden by our 2 year old and 10 month old.

Our boys love that they have the freedom to look around. I love the fact that my 2 year old can peddle even though he wont fit on a tag-a-long style bike trailer because he is too small. The harness holds our boys in really well and we have never had any problems with them falling out. We do place pillows underneath their bottoms and lower back to help with padding since there is NO padding from the factory. We have considered getting some foam padding to place in the seats instead but the pillows are working for now… so no reason to change it.

Head on over to YouTube to check out a quick video on our current bike setup!!

We have since updated our bike trains… if you are interested in that post, check it out HERE – Bike Trains Update Family of Almost 6..

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