Adventure 1 is in the books!! Chattanooga, Tennessee Aquarium is definitely worth a visit! + 4 Tips

Due to our weather being wet and cold here this past weekend we opted for an indoor adventure, the Tennessee Aquarium! It’s absolutely amazing! There are two separate buildings: the river journey and the ocean journey.

We arrived a little later than we would recommend. If we were to do it over we would get there closer to opening. We started our day with the river journey. By the time we were finished with lunch and heading to the ocean journey, it was very crowded and harder to enjoy the amazing exhibits. In order to really experience everything the aquarium has to offer you really need to take your time and not just rush through, something that is more difficult with larger crowds.

The sheer magnitude and quality of this aquarium truly impressed us. Both buildings have multiple floors of tanks and exhibits. They also both have an interactive area where you can actually touch large river fish or sting rays!!  The tanks are all very well thought out and everything is beautifully maintained.

4 Quick Tips for visiting the Tennessee Aquarium

  • Tip 1. Tickets: Buy your tickets ahead of time so you can skip the line and head right to whichever journey you want to start with.
  • Tip 2. Parking: We recommend paying the 10.00 for the whole day so you can take your time and enjoy rather then being on a clock.
  • Tip 3. Lunch: There is a food court between the entrance to the ocean journey and the ticket building. And a small food shack located by the exit to the river journey. Or, if you prefer a sit down with service option there are multiple restaurants within walking distance.
  • Tip 4. Visiting with young kids: There is a lot of walking! If you have young kids that tire easily, or you prefer to have your children contained while in large crowds, we recommend bringing a stroller.

Our boys have been talking about our visit all week! It is so much fun to see them this excited! If you find yourself in the Chattanooga area we highly recommend checking out the aquarium!!

Check out the YouTube video of our trip to the Tennessee Aquarium. Please leave us a comment, we would love to hear from you!! Remember to like and subscribe so you wont miss any of the adventures to come.

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