When I really think about it, this adventure started a few years ago… The first time we watched an HGTV or DIY show on picking out the perfect RV. There are so many people on those shows who either live full-time or are transitioning to full-time RV living for one reason or another. Every. Single. Time. We would watch one of those episodes we would look at each other and say “I want to do that!!!” And then we would move on to the next episode. Jeremy would go to his job the next day. And I would hang out around the house with the boys while he was gone!

Fast forward a few years to today…. We have decided dreaming of traveling full-time with our boys is no longer enough!! We are going to do this…. are going to do everything we can to make this happen!! So we gave ourselves a start date…. in 6 months, at the beginning of October our lease is up on our 2 bedroom apartment, and when it is up, our family of 6 will, God willing, be living in an RV!

Part of this adventure includes starting this blog and a YouTube channel to document the decisions and process we will go through as we make the transition into full-time RV living, as well as the adventures we will go on in our “backyard” through the process. We would LOVE for you to Subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow along with us… Oh and please give any feedback you have on our videos!! We welcome any constructive feedback!!

And so, the adventures begin…

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